Zines Featured:


A Periodic Tale

An illustration based new zine about first periods.



Angel Rose

Angel Rosie is a British artist who works in video, performance and printed media in the form of zines. Her Zine Serious Fun has previously been at GRRRL and this year she lauched her second zine project ‘Sick Bag’ with a solo exhibition at the Residence Gallery’.




Authorrising Zine

AUTHORRISING zine interviews and complies the political, psychological and the social of the people under the failed category of the 'mixed race'.




The Bandit Zine is a submission-based, social justice-focused zine located in Grand Rapids, MI. We have issues like feminism, body image and sizeism, gender stories, rape culture and other social issues.



Bitter Taste

Started this year, the Brighton based Zine is 'a collaborative effort, fore-fronting issues surrounding mental health, loss, disenchantment and politics as well as some less serious topics - all expressed through prose, poetry, illustration, collage etc!'

Edited by Laura Martin.



Chloe Sheppard




Crazed Zine

Beth Hall says Crazed is for the 'open minded' and her 'split personality'. Issue 2 featuring articles and illustrations on sex, identity, sexuality, gender and feminist topics will be launched at GRRRL this year.



Cuntry Living

Cuntry Living is the infamous Oxford based feminist zine. In approximately its 8th year, with a rolling editorial team producing three zines a year. GRRRL presents its latest issue for a small donation and several back issues for reading.





Disaster is a new zine Curated by Bristol-based creatives Tori West and Josh Cook. Disaster zine is filled with illustrations inspired mostly by their own personal experiences and “short embarrassing dating stories and shit reasons why you were dumped”.





Eden Barrena

Barrenas work is a regular at GRRRL and will be back for our 4th event. Her art zines explore the relationship between the self and the other. She describes its content as influenced by ‘migration, cultural identity, racism, colonialism and the discovery of the alien.’ Small zines and handmade prints will be available to purchase.



Emily Gilbert

Emily is an illustrator, graphic novelist and self-publisher based in the South West and London. Her work often centres around themes of escapism and solitude whilst using a monochrome yet vibrant palette.



Fanzine La Raya

La Raya is a super cool Spanish feminist fanzine centered around obsessions, the queer world and pop / trash culture. It is directed, designed and edited by Ida Galvan and Jara Perdomo and based between the Canary Islands and London.






Femini Magazine holds the aim of promoting a more diverse representation of women within society. Issue 1 will be debuted at GRRRL Zine Fair. Edited by Lydia Ibrahim.





Fracture, which is a recently-launched zine featuring fiction, poetry, illustration and photography by young women from Australia.






Girls club is a feminist publication which showcases the voices of female-identifying contributors through illustration, photography, interviews, creative writing and much more.






Girlzine is back with more Girls, diversity, art and anthology. Edited by Lorna Cowley.



Gemma Flack

‘fierce and vulnerable babes rule my world’

Flack is an illustrator creating zines about art, feminism, girls, mental health




Grrrl Zines

Grrrl zines premiered at Ladyfest and will now be giving away back issues at GRRRL Zine fair.



Grrrls in Subculture

Grrrls in subculture is a feminist hardcore/punk zine that is interested in the realities of women in the male dominated hardcore and punk scenes. So far two issues were published, the third one will follow this summer. The project started in Paris, moved to Berlin and will soon be continued in England.




HAG Collective

HAG is edited by Jasmin Risk and Clara Lou. It is described as ‘a post feminist curatorial performance and poetics project.’





Heather Dunlop

Dunlop is a long time contributor to Chapess Magazine, with her own stall this year at GRRRL she will be show casing new writings, drawings and photography.








HYSTERIA is a radical feminist collective made up of members from around the world. They produce a bi-annual zine and host events internationally.




Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a new teen magazine exploring identity and celebrating diversity. Opening up the discussion to provide young people with the tools to critique social 'norms'.




Isabella Podpadec

Podpadec will be showcasing her comic work including a series of fanzines about GRRRLs line up – DIANA, Porridge Radio, Garden Centre & more!!



Kat Sadler

“ive been reading your blog and it made me worry about you”

Kat Sadler is a blogger, performer and veteran of two Edinburgh Fringe runs. Kat will be debuting her zine pulling together different up and coming comedians, bloggers and artists.




Lauren O'Neill

‘emotional baby bullshit ‘ - poetry/iPhone photography/tumblr. O’Neill creates a variety of different zines.



Legs Up

A zine about queer longing and generic notions of paradise. Comes with a free download of "Packed" by my band, Sister Pact.




Maria Midtun

Maria Midttun is a Norwegian illustrator living and working in London. She will be at GRRRL with zines, prints, postcards and badges.




Milk and Honey

“Curated by Celia Wickham, Milk and Honey is a newly founded creative project and platform that supports and encourages art making and creativity amongst young women.Milk and Honey is an inclusive feminist project that is looking to support the creative work of all those who identify as female (including all cis, trans and lgbtq+ individuals).As well as existing as an online platform, Milk and Honey publishes quarterly zines that feature work from emerging female artists and creatives.”




Move Under Your Own Power

Move Under Yr Own Power is a zine about women and queers making DIY music in the UK. It comes with a link to download a folder with a song from each of the featured bands and will be on the communal GRRRL presents table.



Nonessentialised Astrology

Nonessentialized astrology focuses on how astrology has been complicit in white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. It provides tools to subvert the essentializing of the personality from those in power by deconstructing the archetypal language of astrology.



Not Shit Zine

Not Shit is a female Skateboarding fanzine with art/drawings/photo/story submissions, interviews, skater profiles and more… (all the way from America!!)




Not White Not Het Not Male

With its 3rd edition at GRRRL ‘Homoglyph’ complies super anecdotal stories and think pieces as a ‘second generation Vietnamese-American, female/boy and v v gay.’ NWNHNM is described as ‘written mid & post being violently dragged through white punk communities.’




“One of My Kind (OOMK) is a highly visual, handcrafted small-press publication. Printed biannually its content pivots upon the imaginations, creativity and spirituality of women. Each issue centers around different creative theme, with more general content exploring topics of faith, activism and identity.”

Created by Sofia Niazi, Rose Nordin and Heiba Lamara.





Orlando is a cultural platform, established in 2014, to introduce a creative and cooperative voice into the mainstream.

“Orlando encourages ideas of progression and social change by promoting those who want to make their voice heard or make a difference in society. The voice of the platform is intersectional and polyphonic, hoping to stimulate a discourse that is liberated, critically engaged, and free from commercial interest.’

Edited by Philomena Epps





Polyester is about celebrating culture that isn't considered the 'norm' and celebrating the people within that community- as a GRRRL regular Polyester will be back with issue 5 with editor super babe Ione playing us some trashy tunes from 6-6.30.








Mumu Distro will be showcasing several zines at the GRRRL Presents table-



MENSTRUAL HYGIENE (colouring book, pencils/crystals, poster)

PUSSY (colouring book, pencils, poster)

NAIL ART (colouring book, tip painter/crystals, poster)

HOT PLASTIC (a pack of 2 zines about barbies)





Parallel describe themselves as an unashamedly feminist print magazine.




Point Of Interest Distro

Point Of Interest zine started in 1990, and ran for 10 years and 15 issues, and I just started it back up again in 2015. It is an Anarchist punk zine, articles, columns, artwork, interviews, etc.




Rudy Loewe

Rudy Loewe’s practice includes drawing comics, illustrations, zines and prints. These mediums are befitting to their work as they allow for greater visibility to a wider audience. 





Art zines made in China looking into the poetics of translation on t-shirts.



SIREN DJ Collective Zine

“Out of the frustrations felt by the underrepresentation of women in the dance music scene came SIREN. We are a collective of DJs, journalists, A&Rs, producers, live performers and radio producers; yet despite coming from such different areas of the industry, we have all directly experienced the extreme lack of diversity in dance music. And together we feel that now is the time for change.”

Their first zine will be available at GRRRL.





Sister will be selling back issues and cute merch in their build up to the next issue. The Size Issue is launching on the 17th of September at Vogue Fabrics.






“STRIKE! Magazine never speaks from one perspective, but is a platform for those involved in grassroots resistance, anti-oppression politics, and the philosophies surrounding these movements. We prioritise the voices of people directly affected by oppressive structures, those on the front lines of political change. STRIKE! presents radical politics and philosophy using accessible language, supported by engaging design and powerful imagery.”



Shes got issues

A Riot GRRRL inspired zine with content which focused on gender fluidity and female issues, featuring had Bikini Kill, Purple Milk and Skinny Girl Diet interviews.

Edited by Jade Mordente




Silvia Carrus

Carrus’ zine Social Justice Penguin is about a penguin that realises the amount of injustice in our society and decides to help humans sorting it out. While Feminist Cat is about a kitten that wants to help her owner fight sexism.



Skin Deep

“Skin Deep is a London-based magazine that provides a platform for issues surrounding race and culture. The Skin Deep project is a counter movement to the way in which culture is often simultaneously racialised and depoliticised in the mainstream. Our aim is to curate a space in which a diverse range of heritages, tastes, styles, stories, sounds, traditions and imaginings can be explored both creatively and politically.”




The Cliterary Review

A new zine about the experiences of Womenhood from self-defining women of all ages.





The Juicy

Music, art, travel, lifestyle. Last issue feature articles were on the resurgence of the riot grrrl movement, being gay in the punk-hardcore scene, bands/ graphic artist interviews and travel reports.




“XYST is a brand new alternative music based magazine with feminism at its core. It focuses on showcasing the brightest non-male identifying musicians and artists in the industry today. Run by Poppy Marriott, XYST aims to shine a light on issues ranging from sexism in the industry to what it’s actually like being a non-male artist in an industry that is still very male dominated.

“Issue #1 was released online 1st June 2016 with print versions coming on 1st July 2016. Issue #1 contained interviews with The Big Moon, Black Honey, Bones and Chastity Belt, as well as featuring up-and-coming designer Yasmin Thorp with submissions from young artists included throughout “ and will be on the communal table at the fair.

Edited by Poppy Marriott.